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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sony and Me

I was chosen along with 2 other photographers (Dr. Erwin Lim and someone who's name escapes me) to use a Sony-Ericsson K850i until the 5th of May and use it's 5.0MP (Megapixels) Cybershot camera and present it's capabilities through our photographs.

I dearly wanted to do Landscapes (being an easier shoot) but I was beaten to the draw and Erwin chose to do night shots, and so i was stuck with doing portraiture or fashion. A bit scary though as I am not used to the colors that the Sony-Ericsson produces and I'm not sure how it works inside my studio but this will be fun.

By the way, the images will be displayed at SM Cebu Northwing on May 8.


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